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Create a Tumblr site/blog (account)

Go to my Tumblr blog (the blog URL)

Select and use a Tumblr Theme for my blog

Create a new navigation element on my Tumblr site

Read the following answers to find out what are the differences, and how to use, these different pages.

Manage all my Tumblr pages and links

You will use this type of page if you would like to make a link in your menu to an external site. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Google Map, anything that you can link to!

Create a link in ny Tumblr menu, to an "external page"

In the image bellow, we create links (line in pink), between what you write on the left and how it appears on the right your final page.

Create a link in my Tumblr menu, to an "standard layout page"

You will have to do the same as for other page types, but it will require you to write code (html,css, javscript). If you want to learn,, we recommand you to use Codecademy. You can learn how to be independant in a couple of days, honestly!