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Why can’t I sort the tracks in my radio?

This is the first question we asked ourselves. As you’re beginning to add tracks to your first radio, you would like to spend time sorting them, making sure each one fits perfectly in order; or maybe interpose a group of tracks from the same artist you added in a row? Please, don’t worry about that. It is a radio. It’s supposed to be worry-free. As long as you enjoy what’s in your radio, it’s all good. Remember you can play radios in shuffle mode (click the shuffle icon on the player during a listening session).

How do I create more than one radio?

You do not :} You have one single radio that presents your taste in music. This is one pillar of Radio4000: one radio = one human. While playlists are useful they can become painful to maintain. But if you only use one, you never have to spend time considering where the song fits. Only whether you enjoy that tune or not. According to us this leads to more exciting radios, creating unexpected bridges between genres, crossing through time, cultures and people. We explore this concept further in the introduction.

How do I save a radio to my list of favorites?

To save a radio as your favorite you should first sign up for a Radio4000 account.

Then you have two solutions. On any radio’s page you’ll find a “Favorite” button, close to the radio image. Otherwise on a channel card (these little boxes diplayed on radio4000’s homepage and across the website) you can click the small “star” icon in the bottom right corners.

How do I change the URL of my radio?

The URL of your radio is the part after ( That way you can easily remember and share a direct access to your radio.

  1. Log in your account
  2. Navigate to your radio page
  3. Click on the "Edit radio" button, right to your radio image
  4. Update the "URL" field with the desired URL
  5. Click the "Save radio" button

How do I add tracks from Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.?

For now, we want to focus on creating the best possible experience on top of YouTube. We’re considering more sources.

Why can’t I browse artists instead of radios?

The point of Radio4000 is to listen and discover music through the selection of another person. We don’t want to offer a catalog similar to Spotify, iTunes or Google Music.

Why can’t I hide the video in the player?

Even when the player is in its minimized version you cannot hide the video completely. The reason lies in YouTube™ API’s Terms of Service, stating “Embedded players must have a viewport that is at least 200px by 200px”.

Are you planning on having native mobile apps, Android, iOS, Blackberry?

No, not really. Radio4000 is made with web techonology and as such you only need to visit in your browser. We do not support the idea of exclusive native applications and app stores. If you’re reading this, you’re already here. We want to make a single application that works anywhere. Here is our technologys stack, if it is of your interest. Feel free to contact us if you would like to talk!

What data do you need from my Facebook or Google account?

None, really. We do not want your name, your pictures, your sex, age, or any other attribute. The only reason you have to register at all is so that we can associate your radio with you, and be sure only you access it. You can always sign up with e-mail instead.

Is Radio4000 anonymous?

Short answer is yes. Long answer is no. Why? Everyone see radios the same way. Everything you add to your channel is public. If you want to stay anonymous, don’t write your own name; except if you actually want them to know. It is up to you. About the long answer, unfortunately, is there such thing as anonymity on the internet? Not as it is right now. So to us, we want to do as much as possible to keep you pricacy intact. We recommend you to read this, if you have any concerns.


To improve your anonymity, you should use a VPN software, such as Proton VPN

How to delete my radio channel?

  1. Log in your Radio4000 account
  2. Go to your Radio page
  3. Go to its edit page by clicking on the “Edit Radio” button
  4. Click the “Delete Radio” button at the bottom left of the page

How to delete my radio4000 account?

To delete your account you will first have to delete your radio channel.

  1. Log in your Radio4000 account
  2. Go to your account’s settings page, in the navigation at the site
  3. Click the “Delete account” button at the bottom left of the page

Any plans for a pro version?

Yes. We are discussing and experimenting with the right business model. We want it to retribute artists and right holders whose tracks are on Radio4000 as people contributing to make Radio4000 a great music tool and radio service. We also want the price to be worth it, so you know precisely what and why you contribute.

Keyboard shortcuts

You’d also rather use the keyboard than the mouse? Here is an exhaustive list of the available shortcuts (and their mnemotechnics). You can also find them directly on Radio4000 by hovering your mouse on a element (such as a button, a link etc.) of which you would like to find the shortcut of. The shortcut is described by unicode: ⌨

Note: if you click the Youtube Player (the video of the track playing in the radio4000-player) *it will take the focus** for keyboard shortcuts. That means that its shortcuts will be now be active, and not the ones of Radio4000. If you want to retrieve control for the Radio4000 shortcuts, just click anywhere on the page. Now you’re back in charge

Note: if you really do want to touch the mouse, hit S-tab twice to focus back to Radio4000 (FF).

Player shortcuts

With these shortcuts you can control the behavior of the player.

Movement shortcuts

These shortcuts are used to move arround the website (Gmail and Github fashion). The way to use it is to first type on the key g, then on the other key (you have 500ms to play the second key).