https://mix.radio4000.com lets you mix together radio channels from Radio4000.com

How do I select which radio channel to mix?

In the top left hand corner, by the Radio4000 logo, there is a button to open the directory of Radio4000 channels. Click this button and select the radio channel you would like to play and mix.

You can either send a channel to the “Deck A” or the “Deck B”, A being the player to the left of the cross fader, and B the one to the right.

How do you mix radio channels?

The general idea is to make a transition between a first track and a second, so the music keeps playing without interuption. The style of it is all yours.

What you can do to get started is to play a track on Deck A, put the volume of it at its maximum (100%) while the volume of Deck B is at its minimum. Then, start playing the track on Deck B (which you won’t hear since the volume is off), and slowly start to transition the volume level from Deck A to Deck B, using the crossfader.

What is a Deck?

A Deck is represented by the Radio4000 player that will play a radio channel. It is composed of a Radio channel, its image and name, the video of the current track playing, the list of tracks composing this channel, annd control buttons (play/pause, next track, mute, shuffle…).

What is the crossfader?

The crossfader is the volume slider in between the two decks. When you slide it, it changes the volume of both decks; on one it increases the volume, on the other it decreases it. It can be used to apply a smooth volume transitions between two tracks, so they get “mixed” together.